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......@@ -14,17 +14,17 @@ also enable you to very easily do automatic certificate renewal.
Furthermore, you can configure HAProxy to handle Boulder's authentication using
the HAProxy authenticator of this plugin.
It was created for use with `Greenhost`_'s share hosting environment and can be
It was created for use with `Greenhost's`_ shared hosting environment and can be
useful to you in the following cases:
- If you use HAProxy and have several domains for which you want to enable Let's
Encrypt certificates
Encrypt certificates.
- If you yourself have a shared hosting platform that uses HAProxy to redirect
to your client's websites
to your client's websites.
- Actually any case in which you want to automatically restart HAProxy after you
request a new certificate.
.. _Greenhost:
.. _Greenhost's:
This plugin does not configure HAProxy for you, because HAProxy configurations
can can vary a great deal. Please read the installation instructions on how to
......@@ -473,7 +473,7 @@ Requirements:
Run the following commands in your vagrant machine:
.. code:: bash
apt-file update
python sdist
# py2dsc has a problem with vbox mounted folders
......@@ -484,4 +484,3 @@ Run the following commands in your vagrant machine:
# NOTE: Not signed, no signed changes (with -uc and -us)
# NOTE: Add the package to the ghtools repo
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -us
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