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CryptOps-enabled Initrd
This repository contains files that need to be added or changed in a "vanilla"
initrd in order to be able to use the
[CryptOps]( toolkit to set up an
encrypted VPS. CryptOps is included as a subrepository, to be able to track the
changes to the API with the changes of this initrd. Use the `` script to
copy the CryptOps api and client binaries to the correct location in the initrd
before building it.
More information can be found on the [documentation
## VPS setup
Some variables need to be passed to the initrd with kernel options. They are
retrieved from `/proc/cmdline`. [Here's the official
- `root=/dev/mapper/xvda1_crypt`: The partition that needs to be mounted as root
- `cryptroot=/dev/xvda`: The device that needs to be partitioned and encrypted
- `ip=`
IP information:
### Startup Notification
Some extra variables are used in Greenhost's case to be able to use the Cosmos
Service Centre API to send a message to the owner of a VPS after it has been
restarted. These variables are used in /scripts/local-top/cryptroot-api to make
If you don't run on Greenhost infrastructure, change
that variable to something else to notify you of a (re)boot.
If you do not have a notification_command, CryptOps will work fine, but when
your VPS reboots, you run the risk of not knowing this and your VPS will stay in
the initrd, waiting for you to unlock the disk.
- `api_key=<key>`: The *Bearer* authentication key for using the Cosmos API
- `instance_id=###`: The unique identifier of the VPS
- `cosmos_url=`: The URL to the Cosmos API
A VPS is assumed to have one drive that needs to be encrypted (additional drives
can be encrypted manually from the booted operating system). The drive will be
partitioned into an encrypted root partition (in this example `xvda1_crypt`) and
a not encrypted data partition. The latter is used to save SSH keys, so the user
can log into the SSH shell running in the initrd.
## File structure
The folder `crypt-initrd-extra-files` contains all the files that need to be
inserted in the root directory of an initrd to make CryptOps work. Some things
stand out:
- The folder contains some symlinks pointing to a nonexistent directory
`conf/persistent/` (for example the `home_root` file). The persistent file
system is mounted in this directory by
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