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\subtitle{Moving to a world with encrypted VPSs only}
\author{Mart van Santen \& Maarten de Waard}
\begin{frame}{Table of Contents}
Some questions to see who's here
% Who has full disk encryption on their laptop?
% Who has ever booted a Virtual Private Server (Droplet, Amazon S3, etc.)
% Who has full disk encryption on their VPS?
\section{Problem} % This is used to make the title appear in the Table of
\begin{frame}{Putting something in the cloud} % The second argument is title of the frame
Sensitive information, like:
\item Contacts
\item Calendar
\item Photo's
\item A chat server
\begin{frame}{Options are limited}
\item Google apps
\item All your data belongs to Google
\item No control over servers and who (meta)data is shared with
\item Host your own on a:
\item Physical machine in your house or a data centre
\item Either takes up space or is hard to reach for maintenance
\item VPS (Azure, Amazon S3, Droplets, Greenhost Instances, etc.)
\item Data accessible by
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