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# Usage
`cryptops-api --root-device=DEV --crypt-name=LABEL [--notify-command=COMMAND]`
* The `--root-device=DEV` option is mandatory. `DEV` should be the root device
of the machine, like `/dev/sda` or `/dev/xvda`.
When the root device is still unencrypted (for example when starting
cryptops-api for the first time), this should be an unpartitioned device,
with the file system spanning the whole device.
As part of the encryption process, this device will be partitioned and the
encrypted contents will be stored on the second partition, but DEV should
still point to the whole device, as before.
* The `--crypt-name=LABEL` option is mandatory. `LABEL` will be used by
cryptsetup to name the encrypted volume. This will be visible to the operating
system, as the decrypted root disk is available at `/dev/mapper/LABEL`.
* The `--notify-command=COMMAND` option is optional. The given `COMMAND` will be
run whenever cryptops-api detects that the root device needs the user to enter
their password to continue the booting process. You can use this to notify the
user of this situation.
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