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## Set proper Cosmos permissions
Note: this needs to be done by Greenhost employees at the moment.
1. Create a Project for the cluster in Cosmos2.
2. Assign the corresponding `project_id` to all VPSs that will be part of the
3. Make sure that all VPSs have `api_enabled` set to `1`.
4. If `api_enabled` was already true but you had to assign the project ID, the
VPSs will have outdated api keys. To fix this, remove the keys from the
database; a new one will be generated automatically on reboot.
VPSs will have api keys that are missing the right role assignments. To fix
this, delete those api keys (you can do that from Cosmos2, by su-ing to the
relevant user, then go to "User settings", tab "API keys"); a new one will be
generated automatically when the VPS is stopped and started from Cosmos2.
5. Reboot the VPSs after changing the `api_enabled` property, and also if you
did something at step 4.
......@@ -19,4 +23,4 @@ defaults should suffice. Then, from the top-level directory of this project
`helm install --name=my-personal-ghost .`
This will install the driver on all worker nodes (using a DaemonSet), and a
provisioner on some worker node (using a Deployment).
provisioner that will run as a pod on one worker node (using a Deployment).
# Kubernetes ghost
See also [the website]( for more user-facing
Kubernetes ghost (short for "Greenhost storage") is a Kubernetes component that
allows Kubernetes clusters running on Greenhost's cloud platform to use the
platform's virtual disk images for persistent storage.
It consists of two parts that have to work together: a storage provisioner,
which typically runs only on the master node, and a driver that has to be
which typically runs as a service on only one node, and a driver that has to be
installed on every node of the cluster.
## Provisioner
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