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Mention detach_on_shutdown in README

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......@@ -50,8 +50,11 @@ Because of this, the driver needs to keep some state so that it knows which
disks are already attached, and can connect the ID of the PV as used by
Kubernetes to the Cosmos ID of the underlying disk.
This state is kept on the node as a set of files and symlinks in
This state is stored on the node in `/run/ghost`. That is assumed to be a tmpfs
mount, cleared on every reboot. We pass a special `detach_on_shutdown` flag to
Cosmos2 when attaching ghost disks, so Cosmos2 will detach these disks when the
node shuts down, so it starts without any ghost disks attached, matching the
empty state in `/run/ghost`. Details of the state recorded:
* for every disk, a file is kept in `/run/ghost/disks/$cosmosID` containing
a log of activity pertaining to that disk;
* for every PV that is attached, a symlink is created in
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