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This plugin has been rewritten as certbot-haproxy.

This repository is only here for historical purposes


be sure this module is installed. It it not yet pip activated. It means copying the files to:


afterwards, source the letsencrypt enviroment and get a certificate

source venv/bin/activate
letsencrypt --authenticator letsencrypt-haproxy:auth --installer  letsencrypt-haproxy:installer  -d domainname.com

haproxy configuration.

Below is a snippet of haproxy configuration. The ACL lines are important to redirect traffice to the ACME challenge system. The LE-BIND and LE-REDIRECT are placeholders for where the lets encrypt system can configure the domainnames

This is necessary because haproxy is not domainname/servername aware per default

frontend http
    log     global
    mode http
    option tcplog

    # Handle LE requests and forward them locally
    acl is_letsencrypt path_beg -i /.well-known/acme-challenge/
    use_backend letsencrypt if is_letsencrypt

    # This '## LE-BIND and ## LE-REDIRECT are magic placeholders'
    # LE-BIND means (SNI) bind will be added here for the specified domain
    # LE-REDIRECT means URL matching the given URL will be redirect to https://

    ## LE-BIND example.com

    ## LE-REDIRECT example.com

    default_backend default

backend letsencrypt
    log global 
    mode http
    server letsencrypt

backend default
    log     global
    mode http
    option tcplog

    server default