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* Initial Let's Encrypt autenticator:wq

parent 9ae63734
# H2 haproxy configuration.
Below is a snippet of haproxy configuration.
The ACL lines are important to redirect traffice to the ACME challenge
system. The LE-BIND and LE-REDIRECT are placeholders for where
the lets encrypt system can configure the domainnames
This because haproxy is not domainname/servername aware per default
frontend http
log global
mode http
option tcplog
# Handle LE requests and forward them locally
acl is_letsencrypt path_beg -i /.well-known/acme-challenge/
use_backend letsencrypt if is_letsencrypt
# This '## LE-BIND and ## LE-REDIRECT are magic placeholders'
# LE-BIND means (SNI) bind will be added here for the specified domain
# LE-REDIRECT means URL matching the given URL will be redirect to https://
default_backend default
backend letsencrypt
log global
mode http
server letsencrypt
backend default
log global
mode http
option tcplog
server default
"""Let's Encrypt HAproxy plugin."""
"""Haproxy Let's Encrypt authenticator plugin."""
import os
import logging
import re
import subprocess
import zope.component
import zope.interface
import threading
import time
from acme import challenges
from letsencrypt import errors
from letsencrypt import interfaces
from letsencrypt.plugins import common
from BaseHTTPServer import BaseHTTPRequestHandler,HTTPServer
# This is the port where HAproxy should forward requests to
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class HaProxyHandler(BaseHTTPRequestHandler):
validation = ''
def do_GET(self):
# Send the html message
class Authenticator(common.Plugin):
description = "Haproxy Authenticator"
instance = ""
# @classmethod
# def add_parser_arguments(cls, add):
# add("port", default=os.getenv('PORT'),
# help="Haproxy redirect port")
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(Authenticator, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self._httpd = None
def prepare(self): # pylint: disable=missing-docstring,no-self-use
pass # pragma: no cover
def more_info(self): # pylint: disable=missing-docstring,no-self-use
return ("")
def get_chall_pref(self, domain):
# pylint: disable=missing-docstring,no-self-use,unused-argument
return [challenges.HTTP01]
def perform(self, achalls): # pylint: disable=missing-docstring
responses = []
for achall in achalls:
return responses
def _perform_single(self, achall):
# Get a request handler
handler = HaProxyHandler;
# Put validation key in handler
handler.validation = validation
# Create webserver with this handler
server = HTTPServer(('', PORT_NUMBER), HaProxyHandler)
# Start webserver in seperate thread
thread = threading.Thread(target=server.serve_forever)
# Save the server in this object
self.instance = server
# Allow server to boot
time.sleep( 2 )
if response.simple_verify(
achall.chall, achall.domain,
achall.account_key.public_key(), self.config.http01_port):
return response
"Self-verify of challenge failed, authorization abandoned!")
return None
def cleanup(self, achalls):
# Shutdown the webserver
return None
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