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stapled (0.4) stretch; urgency=low
* Improve the stability of the socket communication.
* Add a time stamp to the log output.
* Reduce the noise for log level INFO.
* Fix an edge case where HAProxy is not aware of staples that are still valid
and where stapled decides fetching new ones is not necessary.
* Fix recursive mode when used with HAProxy sockets, there is no practial
use case for this and it is still not supported but it won't cause an
exception anymore and manual testing can be done in recursive mode now.
* Fix various typo's in documentation.
* Improve documentation of the config file.
* Add note about HAProxy's stapling perculiarities in README and
-- Chris Snijder <> Tue, 27 Feb 2018 15:22:26 +0100
stapled (0.3) stretch; urgency=low
* Fixed default configuration file and add send staple data to haproxy socket.
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