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Remove unused parts from mu-plugins vars file

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--- ---
# wp_user: www_data
# wp_group: www-data
# mode_0750: u+rwx-s,g+rx-ws,o-rwx
# mode_0640: u+rw-sx,g+r-wxs,o-rwx
# wordpress_root: /var/www/html
mu_plugins_list: mu_plugins_list:
block-bad-queries: block-bad-queries:
name: Block Bad Queries name: Block Bad Queries
phpfile: block-bad-queries.php phpfile: block-bad-queries.php
redis-cache: redis-cache:
name: Redis Cache name: Redis Cache
phpfile: redis-cache.php phpfile: redis-cache.php
lj-maintenance-mode: lj-maintenance-mode:
name: Maintenance Mode name: Maintenance Mode
phpfile: lj-maintenance-mode.php phpfile: lj-maintenance-mode.php
flush-opcache: flush-opcache:
name: WP OPcache name: WP OPcache
phpfile: flush-opcache.php phpfile: flush-opcache.php
wp-cron-control: wp-cron-control:
name: WP-Cron Control name: WP-Cron Control
phpfile: wp-cron-control.php phpfile: wp-cron-control.php
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