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# What is this?
Installs Nextcloud and Collabora and configures Nextcloud to use Collabora as
its document editor. Depends on the
[Nextcloud]( and
`@stable` charts. For configuration details on those charts, refer to their
## Installation
Install with:
helm install . --wait
**The `--wait` is important!** We need that because of how [helm chart
hooks]( work:
> Note that if the --wait flag is set, Tiller will wait until all resources are
> in a ready state and will not run the post-install hook until they are ready.
The job in this chart needs the Nextcloud pod to be in a ready state before
being executed.
## Values
The included `values.yaml` file configures Nextcloud to use a Mariadb database,
otherwise the Job can not access the database for plugin installation.
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