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      feat!: build cleanup and remove dependency on html-webpack-new-relic-plugin (#217) · d9ff31bd
      David Joy authored
      BREAKING CHANGE: This PR performs some surgery on the code that loads our New Relic browser agent into our MFEs. Because of that, we're making this a breaking change and reminding MFE application owners to verify their app is still sending data to New Relic after updating. We have tested these changes in the frontend-build/example app, but you're responsible for double-checking your app's integration.
      cleaning up a warning about HotModuleReplacementPlugin, which stated that the plugin doesn't need to be included explicitly if hot: true has been specified.
      bumping webpack-dev-server into a real release, instead of a beta.
      Adding an .nvmrc file set to node 12.
      Commit messages:
      * fix: build cleanup and remove dependency on html-webpack-new-relic-plugin
      Also cleaning up a warning about HotModuleReplacementPlugin and bumping webpack-dev-server into a real release, instead of a beta.
      * fix: cleaning up lint and changing import/export to be node-friendly
      * feat!: updating new relic script to latest version
      BREAKING CHANGE: Applications should mindfully update to this version and ensure that their New Relic tracking is still working.  The snippet has been changed but can't easily be tested in development.
      * fix: review feedback
      1. Pre-pending the NR script to the head
      2. Adding a detailed comment about how to update the snippet
      3. Adding a snippet version number (1212)
      * feat: pulling in tests and license from html-webpack-new-relic-plugin
      * build: add an nvmrc pinning the repo to v12 of node
      * test: linting the test file for html-webpack-new-relic-plugin
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      Merge pull request #215 from regisb/regisb/no-newrelic · ed3f2dbc
      Brian Beggs authored
      feat: make it possible to disable NewRelic globally
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      feat: JavaScript-based environment configuration (#200) · e8c9dc25
      David Joy authored
      This adds a fairly simple mechanism to the webpack config that resolves a package named env.config to a local env.config.js file in the app. If such a file doesn't exit, it falls back to an empty env.config.js file in frontend-build so that webpack doesn't break.
      This is the groundwork required for us to use JS-based environment configuration. This would have numerous benefits, most importantly, letting us use non-string values in our config (like booleans and numbers) as well as importing other resources to be used as config, such as alternate implementations of services in frontend-platform.
      Note: The code in this PR makes it technically possible for us to optionally import such a file, but the mechanism isn't really useful yet because it requires support in both frontend-platform and our build processes. Stay tuned.
      * feat: adding the basic mechanism for using a JS file for env config
      - Add an alias and fallback for "env.config" in the webpack.common.config.js file.
      - Put an empty fallback file in the config directory in case an MFE doesn't specify its own.
      The idea is that an MFE (or probably frontend-platform) can provide an env.config.js file which will be linked in if it exists.  This is an alternative to .env files.
      * test: use a sample env.config.js file in the example app
      This commit also organizes the tests in the example app a bit.
      * fix: fixing eslint mis-configuration
      Also cleaning up example app linting errors.
      * docs: adding an ADR describing the decision to move to JS env config
      * test: fixing broken tests and jest config
      The jest config needs to have the same sort of fallback behavior that webpack uses.  It doesn't use webpack itself, just babel.
      * refactor: use false value for fallback instead of a file
      If the "fallback" webpack resolve parameter is set to `false`, then it resolves the module with an empty object.  This is perfect for us.
      It also lets us move our fallback file into the jest subdirectory, since we still need a physical file when jest gets run.
      * docs: mention tubular in ADR
      * fix: removing unnecessary .babelrc.js file
      We don't actually need this file in order to run the build; it pulls it from the config directory on its own.
      * test: fixing SASS variable name in example styles
      Making the variable name match the element it's being applied to.
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      docs: update docs on local module configuration (#193) · 39bcd785
      Kyle McCormick authored
      Recent changes to devstack allow installation of local
      NPM packages for MFEs running in devstack. However,
      it requires shared NPM packages to be placed at a specific
      location: ../src. Update this repo's docs to reflect that.
  21. 21 Jul, 2021 1 commit
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      feat: use new jsx transform (#192) · c9053989
      David Joy authored
      This updates the @babel/preset-react configuration to use the new JSX transform, which no longer requires React to be imported into source files.
      It also updates our eslint-config to no longer require that React be imported into source files as well.
      This works because our babel (7.9.0+) and react (16.14.0+) versions are high enough that they can take advantage of the new JSX transform.
      BREAKING CHANGE: Note that this means this version of frontend-build has a new peer dependency on react > 16.14.0, to ensure that it has the new JSX transform available.
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