Commit 8c9a5003 authored by Remon Huijts's avatar Remon Huijts
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Delete dev artifacts

parent 9019d24c
mv actor-couldnt-care.svg actor-dont-care.svg
mv actor-girl.svg actor-zahra.svg
mv hacker.svg actor-hacker.svg
mv home-airport.svg place-airport.svg
mv home-cafe.svg place-coffeeshop.svg
mv home-house.svg place-home.svg
mv home-office.svg place-building.svg
mv home-park.svg place-park.svg
mv home-teahouse.svg place-tea-house.svg
mv malevolent-message.svg message-malevolent.svg
mv message-neutral-encrypted.svg message-encrypted.svg
mv office.svg place-office.svg
mv open-source.svg document-open-source.svg
mv permission.svg document-permission.svg
# New files:
touch camera-photo.svg
touch dam-hydroelectric.svg
touch dam-water.svg
touch document-checklist.svg
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