Commit fba23bf1 authored by Geoffrey Preud'homme's avatar Geoffrey Preud'homme 🐸
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Fix english text in Russian TOTP problem

For now we don't want to translate the Password problem strings,
so we hide the password checker for Russian, which is here more as a
bonus anyway.
Revert this commit once we translate the Password problem in Russian.
parent 82fb062f
......@@ -267,7 +267,12 @@ html
var inputElement = document.getElementById("password");
var showHints = true;
var debug = #{debug};
pwcheck(inputElement, showHints, debug);
// Skipping the check where the password problem is untranslated
if ('#{locale}' != 'ru') {
pwcheck(inputElement, showHints, debug);
} else {
var challenge;
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