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# Folder with all the data and sensitive information:
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1. Clone this repository to `~/.local/share/tutor`
- Make sure to set up submodules by cloning recursively or running `git submodule update --init`.
1. [Install tutor](
1. [Install the Figures plugin](#figures)
1. Install the Discovery plugin
pip3 install tutor-discovery
1. Set up the system by running `tutor local quickstart`.
If you already have a `config.yaml` with the desired settings,
you can add the flag `--non-interactive`.
1. Set up course-discovery integration:
tutor local run lms ./ lms create_catalog_integrations --enabled \
--internal_api_url=http://discovery:8000/api/v1 \
and then:
tutor local run lms ./ lms cache_programs
1. Verify that tutor works by running `tutor config printvalue PLATFORM_NAME`.
1. Depending on your requirements, enable some of the plugins in the `plugins` folder.
See the Plugins section below.
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1. [Rebuild the openedx image](#building) with our fork of the edx-platform
1. (Optional) Create an user `tutor local createuser --staff --superuser yourusername`
1. (Optional) Re-index courses for Discovery:
tutor local run discovery ./ refresh_course_metadata --partner_code=openedx
tutor local run discovery ./ update_index --disable-change-limit
## Building
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