Unverified Commit d754f118 authored by Maarten de Waard's avatar Maarten de Waard 🤘🏻
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remove www-staging which was only for testing

parent d270463d
'': https://www-staging.totem-project.org/static/totem-social-share.png
secure_url: https://www-staging.totem-project.org/static/totem-social-share.png
'': https://totem-project.org/static/totem-social-share.png
secure_url: https://totem-project.org/static/totem-social-share.png
type: image/png
width: 930
height: 497
card: summary
image: https://www-staging.totem-project.org/static/totem-social-share.png
image: https://totem-project.org/static/totem-social-share.png
title: Totem project
description: Digital Security training for activists and journalists
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